Logitech G430 Review | A 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Bryan Nelson

The Logitech G430 are multi-platform headphones that rank among the most purchased products in their category, due to the fact that they are lightweight, output a truly immersive sound and feel extremely comfortable, so if you’ve been looking for something similar, then let’s see what can you expect from them!

From a design perspective, the G430 boasts an aggressive, matte-black construction that is made of thin plastics and steel, which is accompanied by blue accents that are present on their wide, expandable headband that is finished in a foam padding, around the swiveling earcups and their long cord, so when you see them as a whole, they look indeed awesome. We also listed them as one of the best budget gaming headsets out there.

Also, the G430s ear pads are covered with sports-performance cloth for soft-touch comfort, even after hours of use. Slip off the cloth cover to wash, and keep the headset in top shape.

In addition, these headphones have a quality mic which can be adjusted according to your desires so that you can be properly heard by your teammates, but for now, I can only reveal this to you so stick with me for a while in order to find out about the performance.

Before we move to the next section, I’d also like to inform you that users have reported us that the G430 is fairly stable, and even if you’re wearing glasses this would not interfere with their stability, so as you can see, once you put them on your head, your gameplay may start right away!

The swiveling earcups, adjustable headband, and foam padding make it extremely easy to wear for hours on end without any discomfort whatsoever.

To be more specific, multi-positional ear cups pivot for a personalized fit, and rotate 90 degrees to lay flat. The lay-flat design makes them easier to transport and more comfortable when resting around the neck. To keep you focused on the game, not your headset, the G430s ear cups are designed to be slimmer and lighter, without skimping on audio quality, which will probably make you forget you’re wearing them.

The on-cable controls will allow you to adjust the volume or mute in seconds, while audio controls are located on the 2.3-meter cable, so they are always within fast, easy reach.

Now, let’s talk about the features.

First of all, I’d like to inform you that G430 supports consoles and PCs which is awesome if you ask me, since you will never feel restricted in gaming, while the second thing is that thanks to their lay-flat design, you can use set them to rest around your neck and have an easy transport wherever you go.

Moving on, the mic has noise-canceling capabilities, and according to most of the users, your speech will be properly transmitted towards your teammates, and this by default means that you will have better coordination which leads to winning most of the matches.

Moreover, Logitech Software is one of the easiest to use programs in the gaming business. However, unlike the Logitech’s mice and keyboards, you cannot make individual profiles for games, but, if you want to come up to a rich soundstage for cinematic action games and a focused one for multiplayer shooters, you’ll have to manually redo it each time.

Furthermore, you can control general bass and treble, or dive in and fine-tune 10 different equalization settings from which you will be delivered an amazing satisfaction during your long gaming sessions. Also, when you add in the surround sound, you’ll have too many choices to manage without being able to save profiles.

To clarify things, it’s probably best to mention that the software is the one area where this headset differs significantly from Logitech’s predecessors.

Moreover, listening to music on the G430 works, but of course, there is much better equipment for this specific task, hence, the G430 are mainly oriented towards gamers.

360-degree surround sound means that you will always have an advantage against your opponents, you’ll be able to hear them before they hear you, while you will experience your game like never before with the 7.1 discreet channels of Dolby surround sound action in a comfort-built design.

Overall, the G430 is worthy of considering, so give them a try and assure yourself of their quality!

Logitech G430











  • Very Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy To Use
  • Great Value


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