Ninja BL660 Pro Blender Review

Diane Myers

The Ninja Pro Blender BL660 is a countertop blender with an 1100 watt motor and the stacked blade assembly that is special to the company, combined they have the ability to crush even the hardest of ingredients. This may be not a high-end blender, however, it offers the power and the ability to compare and it provides amazing value for its price.

The Ninja Pro Blender (BL660) comes in a package with the blender appliance, a 72-ounce large pitcher with a handy pouring sprout, two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups, two single-serve to-go lids, and a single serve blade assembly. It has tons of accessories coming with it, that will come in handy more times that you can ever imagine. The polycarbonate 16-ounce single serve cups can be used for blending or like a ready to go container, although they are not spill-proof.

Inside the 72-ounce pitcher is the patented multi-blade arrangement of the blender that does an awesome job of blending, the single serve container has a different stainless steel 6-prong blade. It is worth mentioning that the blades are made of stainless steel and are rust-proof, as well as being dishwasher safe.

The 1100 watt motor of the blender will give you more than enough power to blend various ingredients. If you are thinking about smoothies it will do a perfect job, it will easily crush ice and pulverize vegetables and fruits, because of its power all of this process is done in a matter of seconds, usually, it will give you a nice consistency for a smoothie in under a minute.
If you think that power is the biggest factor in its blending prowess, you would be wrong. The patented Ninja blades are equally important to the power, making a power duo. The blades are sharp as expected, enough to easily slice frozen fruits and vegetables and ice.

Because of the aforementioned power and blade sharpness, you must be very careful when operating this device, there are some safety steps taken by the manufacturer, for example, the unit needs to be locked in place and the cover must be locked as well if not the device will not power. It is not a safe blender for kids to use, either way.

It is worth mentioning that the 72-ounce extra-large pitcher as well as the other single serve containers, are all made of polycarbonate hard plastic and are BPA free. I found it very easy and convenient to make smoothies for the whole family in the large pitcher, also it was a clever move to include the single serve cup and blades, as you can make a smoothie just for yourself and take the cup to-go, without needing to clean the large pitcher.

The Blender is also very light, compact and portable, so you will easily move it around the kitchen. The chassis of the blender is made of stainless steel, that allows for easy cleaning, there are also controls located on in which are digital, which again help with the easy cleaning. There is a separate place to store the cord if you want to store the device without the cable getting in the way, moreover, the grip feet on the bottom of the blender make it pretty stable while using, because it tends to vibrate.

There are some options but are all very intuitive and easy to understand, like the single serve option which is for a single serve. On top of that, there are also three-speed settings that you can choose from depending on your desired consistency. It would not be complete without the pulse button for when you need a little more blending.

As I mentioned a couple of times earlier, this blender is very easy to clean and maintain, for example you can easily wash the blades in the dishwasher, as for the pitcher you just fill it with some warm water and some dish soap and let it run for about a minute, after that just rinse the pitcher and the blades and you are good to go.

There were also some interesting recipes provided in the instruction manual with funny names, so it is guaranteed that you will also have some fun with this device. I have to mention again that the Ninja Pro Blender (BL660), is capable to function as efficiently and at the same power as a high-end blender, but with a mid-range price. This device is a two in one because single serve blenders are sold separately, and there are no other products that do both of the tasks so well.

To conclude my review, I would like to state that this is absolutely the best smoothie maker with all the necessary features, quiet operation and the most user-friendly of the bunch.

Ninja BL660









  • Very Durable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy To Use


  • None

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