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Samsung CF791 Review – A Great Ultrawide Monitor

The Samsung CF791 is a colossal 34-inch curved widescreen monitor that combines a high refresh rate, fast response time and FreeSync technology into one package with the intention to promise you many unslept nights that were caused by gaming!

Since gamers are always ready to upgrade their existing battle station with different monitors, we at 10bestones like many times before have decided to review a monitor for you that justifies its price tag. So, let’s not lose any time and get quickly into action in order to understand why did we actually put this monitor on our must-have list.

The Design

From a design perspective, the Samsung CF791 measures 31.8-inches in width, 20.3-inches in height and 12.2-inches in depth when attached to a stand.

The cabinet is covered with a white finish and features a 1500R curvature that makes it ideal for pairing with another monitor, so if you want to expand your view, then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity!

At the back of the cabinet, there is a Display Port input, one USB 3.0, and two HDMI 2.0 which are facing downward, and two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack, one small joystick controller which are all facing outward.

The amount of ports is pretty good in my opinion because they are quite many and are more than enough to let you hook up additional devices such as monitors, PCs and game consoles.

The bottom edge of the cabinet houses two 7-watt speakers that can produce a decent sound, but if you look for a better sound reproduction or a well-defined bass, then I’d suggest you use your external ones.

The whole cabinet is supported by a circular stand and arm that will let you tilt the monitor up between -14-degrees to 22-degrees and down from -2-degrees-to-34-degrees. In addition, in the box you will find a VESA mounting kit as well, so you can attach the monitor to it without any problem, if you want to enhance your viewing position and free up some desk space.

The Performance

The CF791 screen has an Ultra WQHD resolution or 3440 by 1440 in terms of pixels which is 2.5 times more pixel density than a full HD.

This is fascinating due to the fact that it makes the image quality incredibly sharp and gives you a wider screen workspace for your ultimate user experience. You can especially recognize this if you’re moving from a smaller FHD monitor, where you didn’t have enough space for opening many tabs or you were obliged to zoom when you were working with spreadsheets and similar large files. With this monitor, this would be just a distant past.

Before we move to the next section, I would like to inform you that the CF791 uses a VA Panel which is something can be categorized as something between an IPS and TN panel. Users claim that they didn’t have any issues with the color consistency even if they viewed from wide viewing angles which is really cool.

Moving on, the aspect ratio of 21 to 9 and the contrast ratio of 3000 to 1 are without a doubt, an amazing addition to your overall user experience because the aspect ratio will increase your multitasking capabilities, while the contrast ratio will distribute deeper blacks and brighter whites which are very important for your gaming experience.

Another great thing is the Quantum Dot Technology that supports up to 125% of the sRGB color gamut and delivers more natural reds and greens than the conventional monitors.

This technology plays a huge role in the overall monitor’s performance and affects your gaming experience directly, so, as a result, you can expect to see more lifelike and vivid imagery during your gameplay.

Since we are talking about your gaming experience, I would like also to mention that the CF791 has an impressive refresh rate of 100 hertz and a response time of 4 ms which guarantee a flawless gameplay with minimal or no occurrences of lag.

Moreover, this model has many picture preset modes and gaming-centric modes of which you can take an advantage.

The picture presets are composed of a Gamma, Picture-By-Picture, Sharpness, Contrast, six temperature settings, an eye Saver, Dynamic, Cinema and many others that will help you get your desired picture. I will name only two of them, the so-called Picture-by-Picture and Picture-In-Picture which in my opinion are really useful.

The PBP mode will let you connect two input sources whether an HDMI or DisplayPort without decreasing the image quality, while the PiP is perfect for multitasking since you can resize the second image to cover up to 25% of the screen space and position it whenever you want.

The gaming-centric mode, known as Game Mode can be accessed by using the joystick and you will have three choices such as Off, On, and Always On. I’d recommend you use the On mode because it is power efficient.

This mode will optimize and enhance the visuals of the game you play, especially if it is an FPS game, so you will surely see some improvements.

But if you really want to see improvements, I’d suggest you take an advantage of the FreeSync which will completely erase the screen tearings and make your gameplay a way more smoother.

For example, fast-paced games like Overwatch,Need for Speed Payback, Team Fortress, Destiny, or Paladins, look stunning and will not produce any lags when you have the FreeSync function enabled.

However, most of the frame rates are directly connected to your hardware, but the FreeSync will constantly try to get the most of your GPU in order to make your gameplay enjoyable.

Games such as PUBG, CS: Go, Fortnite, Dota 2, Assassin’s Creed Origin, FarCry 5 and Tom Clancy’s Wildlands which combine huge maps, grass, water, and specific textures look sharp and are really well-defined, so, if you play this games you will love this monitor.

The shades and the black level uniformity in darker games such as the Batman Arkham Knight, DarkSouls III, and the Thief look exceptionally good. To be more precise, darker games are kind of more immersive, and this monitor presents them in a specific, addicting way.

Final Words

Overall, I highly recommend you to take this monitor into a consideration due to its curved-design, its fast refresh rate and quick response time which are an amazing combination for gaming!

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