SteelSeries Rival 600 Review | A Great Mouse For FPS Gaming

Diane Myers

The Steel Series Rival 600 would be a really good option, if you want to invest in a highly adjustable, and responsive gaming mouse, that can dramatically improve your Fortnite gameplay, because it has many buttons, that you can use for various reasons.

From a design perspective, the Rival 600 boasts an aggressive, ergonomic construction, that is suitable for every grip type, whether you use a claw grip, or palm grip because its shape is really good, so you won’t feel any strains, even if you’ve been gaming for hours.

At the top, there are left and right mechanical buttons, as well as a scroll wheel at the center, but what’s so special about the mechanical buttons is that they use a split-trigger system, which improves the click delivery, so you can click fast, and your gestures will be registered instantly.

Moreover, beneath the scroll wheel there is a DPI sensitivity button, and three thumb buttons, positioned exactly, where you will place your thumb, which is really innovative since there aren’t many mice with buttons located such as this one.

To continue, this mouse also boasts true depth perception which means that you can adjust your lift-off distance like never before. Meanwhile, the secondary sensor allows for ultimate customization of when the sensor stops and starts tracking when you lift the mouse. To be more specific, you will never again have unnecessary movement when you pick up and put down your mouse.

Before we move to the next section, I’d like to inform you that you can adjust the weight as well since each side of this mouse is magnetized, so you can detach the weights by flipping the mouse over, and then pull it gently.

But now, let’s talk about performance.

The Rival 600 has a CPI rate that ranges from 100 to 12000, which means that you won’t deal with response time delays, issues in terms of stability, or tracking errors, but instead, you will experience fluid gameplay, that will fully immerse you to your actual game. With this, we can safely conclude that moving a specific distance on a mousepad results in the same exact distance on the screen.

I’d also want to inform you that this unit uses a TrueMove 3 plus, dual sensor system which offers 1 to 1 track, while the dedicated optical depth sensor, as we mentioned earlier, will help you have an accurate lift-off distance detection, so you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Furthermore, the left/right buttons feature a revolutionary reinforced split-trigger system that delivers the best clicks in gaming. Also, the exclusive 60-million click mechanical switches ensure every type of press is executed with precision.

I’d suggest you use the SteelSeries Engine Software as well because you can customize the 8-zone RGB lighting, and have your gaming ambient greatly enhanced. With eight zones of lighting, you can not only have this mouse cycle through multiple colors but display a rainbow of hues at the same time. It’s something we’ve been waiting for from SteelSeries mice for a while, and we’re happy to say the lighting is so well diffused, the quality of RGB is on par with that of Razer’s peripherals. More on that front, the Discord, and GameSense Engine Apps allow for chat notifications, in-game events, and more.

The profile and button functionalities are very straightforward, although SteelSeries still allows only two DPI modes per profile, which on one hand it keeps things simple, and most players don’t need more than two DPI settings per game anyway. But, on the other hand, it means they’ll definitely need to program profiles for multiple games rather than just having one jack-of-all-trades profile with, say, four or five different DPI settings.

Personally, I can’t say this mouse is not a deal-breaker since this lack of profile features doesn’t change my mind about its performance and quality, nonetheless, this mouse it’s definitely something to consider.

To conclude, the Rival 600 is a top option, so give it a try and assure yourself of its quality.

SteelSeries 600









  • Adjustable Weight
  • RGB
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Expensive

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