Surface Phone will create a new category of smartphones according to CEO

Bryan Nelson

As one of the silent players in the smartphone industry, Microsoft has very high hopes on its Windows OS running smartphone Surface Phone. If everything goes according to plan, Surface Phone will create a whole new category of smartphones.

Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition for $7.6 billion in 2013 was one of the biggest M&A of the year. Even though the very first Lumia models turned out to be a complete disaster, we should also keep in mind that Microsoft has also acquired the handset division and company’s considerable hardware talent to build phones capable of going head-to-head and competing with the industry leaders such as Apple and Samsung.

Microsoft has been mostly silent in this year’s smartphone business, but we’re expecting that the company will be launching a super flagship next year and bring Windows Phone back as a platform that is completely different from current models. Company’s chief marketing officer Chris Capossela, CEO Satya Nadella said they want to make “the ultimate mobile device” and gave us a few details about these plans in an interview hosted by the Windows Weekly.

What Microsoft is trying to do with the next phone is to create a new product category. This means that the Surface Phone can be more than just a phone. What the Redmond-based company really wants to do is to bring the phone and PC worlds together. Continuum will clearly play an important role here, but Capossela implies that there may be more.¹

What are the main features of the Surface Phone?

As for the features of Surface Phone, there is not much technical information around yet. However, according to the information that has emerged so far, the Surface Phone will probably release up to 3 different versions and they are all expected to have the new generation, powerful Snapdragon 830 processors.

So, if the rumors turn out to be true, the Surface Phone models are expected to have 256 GB UFS 3.0 storage, 8 GB RAM, Surface Pen and also highly competitive features on the camera side.


“We want to do something new” says the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella


Interview with Capossela during the Windows Weekly podcast; Satya repeated his words. Microsoft reiterated that they want to work with partners to create new great devices and at the same time was developing Windows 10 Mobile to support the new features that these devices might have.

Microsoft simply does not want to find something new and produce another top-class phone that can compete with the iPhone or flagship Android phones. Capossela explains, “Trying to create a new category of devices that we would like to do something like Studio, Book or Pro is our number one target, which has never been done before and can expand the market for the Windows ecosystem, we want to do something that has not been done before” Capossela says.

Of course, there are no much details on the business and strategy side yet, but Microsoft gives tips on what’s going to be great for the smartphone ecosystem. We do not know when this will happen, so, for now, we have no choice but to wait and see. Meanwhile, you can check out our best budget smartphones buying guide if you are looking to get yourself a brand new phone without spending too much money.

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